About Us

Formation of Mersch Budco & Associates LLC


Mersch Budco & Associates, LLC, was formed on September 1st, 2007. The Two companies: Budco Sales Inc. and Mersch and Associates, put together their assets in anticipation of the growth opportunities available to a larger agency that two smaller agencies might struggle to attain. The additional personnel with the new merger allowed the company to achieve a higher level of customer service than the two entities on their own. If one agency had a weakness in one area, the other seemed to have strength there. The response from their territory was extremely positive and, with the additional coverage, the relationships with customers have grown beyond what was anticipated.


Company History


Budco Sales was started in 1964 by Ralph "Bud" Wells.  Bud ran the company on his own for 4 years.  In 1968, Bud recruited L.A. "Mike" Richert to come on board as his partner and, on December 23rd, 1968, Budco Sales was incorporated.  Bud and Mike ran a successful agency for 7 years together until the untimely passing of Bud.  At that point, Mike Richert took over as sole proprietor when Bud left Mike his half of the business.  Mike had his ups and downs on his own, but always strived to do his best and work harder than his competition.  He was a man respected in the industry for his hard work, honesty, and integrity.  He ran his business alone for 20 years before hiring his son, Bob Richert, to work side by side with him as his succession plan.  Mike and Bob worked together for over 13 years prior to Mike going into semi-retirement.


Mersch and Associates was started in 1972 by John Mersch.  John started his agency with Red White Valve Company as his first manufacturer.  He covered Northern California for several years on his own.  In 1977, he then took on a partner, George Karikas, who had Powers Regulators Company.  The company grew and that addition helped bring more manufacturers to the line card.  In 1981, George had a stroke and was forced to retire.  John then made one of his outside salesmen a partner.  Bob Barrientos had worked for Crane Wholesale Company.  Marc Santo came on board in 1982 and worked for John and Bob until John passed away in 1995.  Bob made Marc a partner in 1996.  Bob passed away in 2000 and Marc ran the company on his own until 2007.


Mike Richert and John Mersch were dear friends for over 35 years and Marc and Bob have known each other for almost 30 years due to Mike and John's relationship.  A merger was a possibility in 1994 before John became ill.  The two had discussed putting their agencies together prior to John's passing.


These two agencies have over 80 years of history and over 50 years of experience and are well established in the Northern California/Northern Nevada plumbing and waterworks industries.